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How to storyboard a PowerPoint presentation

storyboardStoryboarding a powerpoint pack is essential in getting to grips with what a project deliverable could look like and being able to focus on the key analyses required for delivery. The storyboard will turn the assertions you made during the hypothesis creation process into essentially a story.

You may be familiar with a storyboard's use in movie and film production.  This isn't much different.  To start with, you will not use graphics and you will handwrite it. The first thing you will write on your storyboard is the supporting assertions from your hypothesis - the headlines. 

Once you have represented all headlines, you will identify analyses that support each assertion and place the analyses information in the appropriate boxes.  The storyboard will prepare you to create a PowerPoint slideshow. Keep this in mind as you generate each box and populate it with data and insights.  Your storyboard will ultimately serve as an outline of your final report to the client.
Storyboard generation is valuable for five main reasons:

  • Storyboards force you to assimilate your information, thus causing you to clarify the logic of your hypothesis and supporting assertions
  • Storyboards help you to focus the analysis
  • A storyboard can identify gaps in your analysis
  • Storyboards prevent work that is unnecessary or redundant
  • Storyboards act as a work plan for each activity stream

To create an effective storyboard, think through the key information available, the flow of the story, and what the most powerful way to display the analysis would be.  Once you have done this, look at your hypothesis framework to check what you are conveying and the structure of your board.  Don't try to include too much text in your storyboarding materials - it can become too confusing if you do.  You may find that Post-its are helpful in this process because you can move them around to ensure that everything is in the proper order (or if you find a hole in your analysis, you will have room to insert the new item.  


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