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Generic scope for CDD report


Example questions to answer

Market size and drivers

How is the market structured?

  • Who are the key suppliers and customers?
  • Which party holds the negotiating power?
What is the size of the addressable market?

  • How has this developed historically?
  • What is the market growth segmented by price and volume changes?
  • What is the projected outlook?
What are the critical growth drivers and inhibitors?

  • What are the external political, economic and environmental drivers to the market?
  • What are the key events that have shaped the development of the market?
  • What are key threats to sustained market development?
Competitive environment

Who are the key players in the market?

  • What is their relative market share in terms of revenues and volumes?
  • How do they compare in terms of gross profit margins?
What are the main points of differentiation between competitors?

  • What is the basis of competition between players?
  • What are the barriers to entry into the market?
  • What is the level of price competition between players?
What are they key changes to the competitive landscape?

  • What are the relevant player strategies?
  • What is the scope for consolidation / exit in the industry?

What have been the key trends in market pricing?

  • How have average prices developed historically?
  • What is the forecast for prices over the foreseeable future?
To what extent is pricing correlated with other market factors?

  • What is the supply constraint in the industry?
  • What is the sensitivity of prices to growing volumes?



Who are the key customers?
  • What proportion of revenues do the top [10] customers amount to?
  • What is the level of repeat business?
What is the feedback from customers?
  • What are the key purchasing criteria?
  • How does the target fare against these?
  • What are the target's strengths and weaknesses?
Business plan




What is the achievability of the target's business plan?

  • How do forecasts compare to historic years and current run-rate?
  • What market share growth is implied by business plan forecasts?
  • What are the risks to achievability and mitigating actions?
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