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Are presentations eating up your day? Spending too much time formatting your work? Do you need to move content from one format to another?

Get in touch. We can help.

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We’ll work with you to create the business presentation you need, when you want it. Send us your content (sketches, slides, data, surveys etc.) with instruction, tell us what format you need it in and when you need it by, and we’ll do the work for you - freeing up your time!

PowerPoint Production

Producing high quality PowerPoint presentations, Google Presentations or Prezi Presentations is frustratingly time consuming. We free up your time by creating professional and engaging PowerPoint slides exactly how you want them – you just provide the content:

  • Transform photos of flipcharts or interpret napkin sketches into PPT
  • Reformat presentations into your house style
  • Template creation & formatting (“make it look good”)
  • Create PPT presentation decks
    • Send us your data too and we’ll produce your charts for you creating your PPT deck exactly how you want it


Content Conversion

Found the information, got the content, but cannot copy and paste it into the format you need it in? And if you do, does it take a long time? Let us help. We convert content into editable formats to help you get your work done.

Send us the content or tell us where it is and we’ll do the rest - freeing up you time:

  • Migrate your content between formats
  • Archive your hard copy data and information into the format you want
  • Convert content from one format to another
    • Convert a picture of your content into Word, PDF, or any other Microsoft Office format
    • Convert content from one format into an HTML or XML format
      • For example, capture and send us the sketches of your website design with your website content written in word - we’ll consolidate them and present it back to you in a HTML format, so you know how your website will look
    • Convert content from one Microsoft Office format to any Microsoft Office format
      • Microsoft Project to Excel
      • Excel to Word
      • Access to PDF




We have a flexible pricing model where costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project - each project is therefore priced separately. Prices start from as little as £3 per slide.

Use us on an Ad Hoc basis, or invest in a Dedicated Resource where you can buy a certain number of hours per day or per week to help free up your time. Whether you are an Ad Hoc customer or have invested in a Dedicated Resource, the higher the volume the lower the rate.

When you send us your content (and instruction), we will review it and come back to you with a quote. Don’t forget to let us know when you would like us to deliver your work (date & time).

We operate a 100% accuracy policy which means the content remains the same. We treat all information we receive from you as confidential even before you choose to accept our quote and use us to deliver your work.

For further information, please call us on +44 207 183 5190 or email at

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