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Dear Greybeard

A former senior partner of A.T. Kearney, Bruce Klassenhas been involved in operationalizing strategically critical initiatives for many of the world's leading companies (or divisions there-of) on four continents over the past 30 years. Here he provides an opportunity for consultants to seek advice on real-life strategic problems facings consultants. 

Raj and I have agreed to try a "Dear Abby" thing.  I have always loved mentoring, and the thought is that StrategyExpert would be an interesting venue to broaden mentoring into this forum.  We will do it openly, I guess, until someone says "CONFIDENTIAL", and then we may treat it as such, or just decline to respond.  But we might all learn something from the questions and answers posed.  I will reserve the right to answer only as many as I can handle, or I may pass some to friends, who I know can give better answers than I can.  Be sure, that I will use the best of my abilities , judgement and memory to answer serious questions.

Yours Greybeard

To post your entry for Bruce to read and answer, please email him directly at

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