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Access a High Calibre Research Team

Do you require access to an analytical team to support your strategic decision making?  

We have a high-calibre talented team that can provide bespoke research and analytical services. For further information, please call us on +44 207 183 5190 or email at


Strategy Support Services




Price /month for monthly contract (GBP)

Price / year for annual contract (GBP)

Industry / Company News Tracker

Articles from various sources according to specifications and relevance to the client.







Newsletter content

• Selecting news articles from various sources according to specifications and relevance to the client.
• Summary of articles re-written to avoid copyright issues together with link







10 slide company / industry profile

Example contents:
• Company details, extent of business operations
• Key products and services
• Extent of business operations
• History and Management
• Current strategy
• Competitive positioning
• Supply Chain
• Company Strategy (as published)
• Key Competitors
• Financial analysis, and analyst opinion (where available)

 £2,500 per profile

Financial modelling & Analysis

Build and maintain financial/operational models.

Tools that will translate qualitative and quantitative knowledge of their environment into specific numerical outcomes for their business.

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Management of back end databases

Build, manage and maintain back-end databases. Includes identifying, cleaning and analyzing data.

E.g. Online content management for a company that offers information and software for public relations. They offer relationship management software and contact information for managing business influencers with focus on analysts in the technology industry and general media

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Competitor price tracking

Tracking competitor products and prices.

E.g. Tracking monthly changes of paint prices across 100 outlets across the country, for a number of products of the client and its competitors. This allows their sales team to monitor actual pricing and discounts on the ground, and accordingly tailor their sales strategies on a continuous basis.

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Emerging Markets Partner Selection

Finding a partner, sourcing, identifying acquisition targets, other local marketing.

E.g. A French retail chain, with more than 100 stores across Europe, was exploring Asia as a sourcing hub for diamond and gold jewelry. The study involved identifying and evaluating potential partners based on relevancy of their products, experience, current size, geographical presence, and scalability.

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Bespoke Research and Consulting Services1

As per client specification





£500 per day 



1Millennium Associates offers discounted rates for large volume and for continuous engagements. Our blended monthly FTE rates for a continuous engagement are as follows:

Volume of engagement

Up to 3 FTEs

Up to 5 FTEs

5+ FTEs

Time period

6 months

12 months

6 months

12 months

6 months

12 months

GBP per month per FTE







Note: Above includes all costs such as telecom, overheads, HR, training etc.

Our grades are:

•              Director

•              Project Manager

•              Team Leader

•              Analyst

Depending on the nature of the engagement, the team composition may vary. For calculating the blended rates above, we have assumed 85% time of Analyst and 15% time of Project Manager. For highly specialised domain expertise, the rates will depend on the specific skill sets, knowledge and experience required.

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